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We specialize in consulting and training projects aimed at Effective Improvement of Manufacturing Processes as well as the Development of Staff’s Potential in business environment. We help our clients introduce the newest methods and solutions in the field of Lean Management, continuous Quality Improvement, Six Sigma methodology as well as Process Optimization using WITNESS sofware in manufacturing, services, logistics, and delivery chain. We also offer a lot of proved worth programs improving personnel management skills and supporting the process of individual development of  managers.

Our methods and solutions have been proved in more than 200 implemented projects: from typical projects improving process flow and productivity, training workshops, competence studies and coaching sessions to advanced programs on optimization of value stream mapping as well as continuous organization improvement.

Thanks to close collaboration with Lanner Company in the UK we offer modern solutions in the field of computer simulation and optimization processes. We actively participate in the implementation of many innovative projects improving business processes in leading companies both in Poland and abroad.


We help our customers implement the latest solutions in the areas of personnel management and optimization of business processes. We carry out comprehensive measures to improve processes by the use of the entire human and technological potential in client’s company. Our goal is planning and implementation of effective measures to ensure optimal growth of the company business performance achieved by improving the quality and flexibility of processes and the development of key competence of all the staff of the company.





High competence - we believe that knowledge at the highest level does not guarantee the success of any project. In our advanced programs and training workshops we pass on our knowledge and experience as well as the ability of its practical use in business environment.

Best Processes
– the applied methods on improving these processes are based on the latest world achievements in this field. Together with the customer we refine processes to reach the level of excellence which characterizes company as the Best In Class.

Guaranteed results
- our goal is to implement the newest methods and solutions ensuring our customer sustainable benefits. In advanced projects carried out by us we guarantee our customers the achievement of their objects.